Since the corona outbreak, it has become very difficult for fitness buffs to continue their exercise routines. We are not spending any time outside our homes which will change our active lifestyle to a sedentary lifestyle. Gyms, parks, and all the workout classes have ended and we were not prepared for this disaster in advance. According to WHO recommendations, doing regular workouts is even more important these days because exercise strengthens your immune system. Additionally, exercise will also help overcome the feelings of depression and anxiety, the outcome of self-quarantine. It is evidently proved that working out and staying physically active can boost your mood and reduce stress. Contrary to this, you will gain weight and may fall victim to different ailments like hypertension, cardio problem, or diabetes if you don’t practice some physical activity on a regular basis. Here we have shared some of the ways you can still follow to keep yourself zippy.

Get outside for exercise, if you can:

If your area is not under a strict lockdown or a smart lockdown, you can go outside for physical activities. Getting outside of your space for exercise will not only help you achieve some fitness but improve your mood too. You just have to follow the guidelines provided by WHO like wearing masks, sanitizing your hands frequently, and keeping a social distance on your outdoor physical activity. Some easy solo exercises that you can do when outside are,

  • Walking
  • Jogging
  • Cycling

To begin this routine, map your track on your phone and set yourself on any one of these outdoor activities while keeping social distancing with other fitness enthusiasts.

Best indoor physical activities for the quarantine period:


Doing yoga during the corona pandemic will help you in many ways. It has many benefits besides keeping you fit like soothing your mind, helping you sleep more deeply, and most importantly it improves your breathing system. Corona without any doubt attacks the respiratory system, so, doing yoga will surely help you fight the deadly pandemic.

Weight Lifting

If you desire to gain some muscles and transform your body, weight lifting should be your go. You just need some dumbbells, kettlebells, workout shorts, and sweatshirts to start this workout. It will strengthen your muscles and core.

 Knee to elbow  

Another easy to do exercise is knee to elbow. In this exercise, you touch one knee with the opposite elbow, alternating sides. This exercise helps in increasing your heart and breathing rates.


Every house has stairs of some design, you just have to use these stairs to go up and down. It will strengthen your lower part of the body, especially your thighs.

Jump Rope

Jump rope is a great cardio exercise that strengthens muscles in the legs and arms and is also good for developing focus. The good thing about this exercise is you can do this without getting worried about the form.

Alternatively, you can follow an online exercise class:

Many personal trainers and gyms are offering online classes for fitness maniacs. You can follow anyone of your choice from these variant options. The advantage of following online sessions is you will be regular in your workouts and won’t do any step in an incorrect form. You can also find a myriad number of videos for workout guidelines on YouTube and in mobile apps, made purposefully for fitness.  You can avail of all these resources mostly for free.

Use your daily chores for maintaining fitness:

You can also keep yourself active by doing your daily chores like scrubbing, sweeping, dusting, and vacuuming at a brisk pace. They almost give you the same fitness your other regular workout does. Moreover, you can also walk around while you’re making calls, or take an extra lap or two around the house if you have to put something or pick something.

Diet recommendations for a workout during the quarantine:

For optimal fitness, you need to eat healthy nutrients and drink plenty of water. You should eat unprocessed foods and fruits if you want to shape your body quickly. Staying hydrated and intaking these nutrients will also help in strengthening your immune system. WHO recommends drinking soft water instead of sugar-sweetened and carbonated beverages for improving your immune system.

The Upshot:

The whole world is going through a hard time because of the coronavirus. Nothing is going like normal, the same is the case with the exercise routine. What we can do during this unfortunate time is we can either go outside, after taking precautions, for outdoor exercise or we can do some physical activity behind closed doors for maintaining our health and fitness.

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