Chopt Creative Salad Co. Launches a Menu Inspired by the American South

Every 60 Days Chopt Travels To a New Locale With Destination

Series NORTH CAROLINA, September 13, 2017: Chopt, the salad restaurant known for the big, bold flavor of their housemade dressings, is excited to announce the launch of three salads inspired by the comfort, charm, and crazy delicious flavors found in the American South as part of the brand’s ongoing Destination Menu program. The salads will be available today through November 5, when Chopt will move onto its next adventure.

The featured salads have been designed by the Chopt team and in part with James Beard Award Winner Andrea Reusing of Lantern in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The salads include Southern-inspired ingredients like traditional Carolina hoop cheddar, dill-pickled green beans and creamy remoulade dressing, as well as a showcasing of Chopt’s impressive array of partners including Sea to Table wild-caught shrimp, FreeBird chicken and North Carolina’s own Ashe County, Hollar & Greene Farm, Coddle Creek Honey Farm, and Holly Grove Farms.

This tasty salad selection is available from September 13 through November 5, and includes:

● Carolina Harvest Grain Bowl ($10.49): Ashe County Carolina hoop cheddar, wheatberry quinoa blend, roasted seasonal squash, local apples, southern lettuce blend, and toasted pecans with local apple vinaigrette.

● Nashville Hot Chicken Caesar ($10.99): Nashville hot chicken, biscuit bottom crackers, dill-pickled green beans, celery, romaine, and southern lettuce blend with buttermilk chive caesar dressing.

● Creole Shrimp Bowl ($10.99): Creole shrimp, bacon corn salad, dill-pickled green beans, scallions, savoy cabbage, and Chopt lettuce blend with creamy remoulade dressing.

“Anyone who’s ever visited the American South knows of its incredible flavors and rich food traditions. We were inspired to share the warmth and comfort that comes from the cuisine in this region with our guests across the country,” said Chopt co-founder, Tony Shure. “In the past two years, we’ve been welcomed into the South with North Carolina locations in Wilmington, Raleigh, and Charlotte and we look forward to many more in the future.”

With a focus on authentic integration into each Chopt community, Chopt has partnered with North Carolina brand Lenny Boy Brewing Co. for a custom kombucha packed with Southern flavor to be enjoyed alongside the new destination menu. The bespoke designed and co-branded bottles will soon be available at all NC locations.

About Chopt Creative Salad Company: Chopt is a creative salad company. Their business: making healthy eating as imaginative and fun as possible. The goal: to develop an innovative menu by selecting the best ingredients and organizing them into salads that people will actually crave. Chopt travels far for inspiration and then explores locally for the elements to bring the tastiest creations to life. From the classics and destination features to scratch-made dressings and naturally flavored teas and lemonades, Chopt’s mission: to transform the way we eat. Founded in New York City in 2001 by best friends Tony Shure and Colin McCabe, Chopt has expanded to a family of nearly 50 restaurants in New York, Washington, D.C., Virginia, Maryland and North Carolina, with more to come soon.

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